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Hello and welcome.

Are you interested in writing?  Having trouble getting started?  Here are some small steps you can take to begin the journey.

Writing is more than sitting down and composing.  Many small steps move you in the direction of your long-term goals.  The most important resolution you can make is to do something, no matter how modest, to work toward your goals every day.  Examples of these types of activities are:

·         Subscribing to a writer’s magazine.

·         Taking a class in writing.

·         Joining a writer’s organization.

·         Scouting locations for scenes.

·         Reading articles on writing.

·         Writing down an idea that occurs to you.

·         Keeping a journal.

The concept is to focus yourself on writing by making a conscious effort to devote time to activities connected with it every day, even if on vacation, ill, or out of town.  Convincing your subconscious that you value your writing career and intend to complete your goals takes relentless doing, like making any change.

Gradual change allows you to refocus your life on your true aspirations without encountering the mind’s resistance.  It will help you achieve the goal of publication.

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